Useful Programs

jacksparrowTip: A lot of images on the net are free, i.e. not copyrighted which means you can use them. All images on this blog you can use. Right click on the image you want and go to save as, put it in your pictures folder.  If you just use Save it will probably go to your downloads folder. Then you can use it. You can open it in Expression Design and play.

There are a couple of programs here I like and use on a daily basis. If you are feeling a tad adventurous have a go. They are free too. Microsoft produces some good stuff. Don’t forget there is alway a “Cancel” button when you are playing with them.

Microsoft Expression Design

If you want to create graphics yourself a very good program that I use as my main image editor is Microsoft Expression Design and its available as a free download here and its so much better than paint. There are tutorials but just simple stuff like putting text on a picture its very cool. Worth learning though it takes some effort. But be brave you wouldn’t have got here now if you weren’t secretly as tough as old boots.

Expression Design
Expression Design

Watch Full Screen. Its a bit long this video, 18 minutes so be patient. I’ve made it easy as I can but its a good program and its from Microsoft AND its free.






In the good old days of computing the makers of computers decided it would be useful to capture what was on the screen as a picture. So they made the PrtScr button on your keyboard. Its been there since the 1980s so its ideal for us  and so many people never use it.

If you pressed it now it would capture the whole screen you then open your image editor (like the above) or Paint and paste. However this is a bit gross I don’t want the whole screen I only want the picture I’m viewing that I can’t save by right clicking. (Don’t forget your right mouse button!!!). Say I wanted to capture this page…I have 4 shared shot installed, I’ll try and make a video using my phone but i’m a bit shaky…..

You press PrtScr then You put your mouse at the corner of where you want to capture, hold the left mouse button down and drag it to the opposite corner. Release and you are at the save screen. Give it a name and save it remembering where you saved it. “Pictures” is a good folder.

4SharedShot capture

I’ve reduced the size but at full size you can read the text. Its very clear. Not only can you capture pictures you can capture blocks of text as a picture. Very useful! Here’s the video sorry had to hold the camera phone in my left hand and I shake a bit, getting old I guess :), AND at the same time use the mouse!!! 😆 Wow the video was not only upside down it was 238 megabytes. OMG! Sorted it using Camtasia (more later). Watch Full Screen.

Here is the address to get it :


4sharedshotTo summarise: