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draftAs you work in the editor you can save your post as a draft and preview it all before you publish it: Tip: Everytime you make a change hit the “Draft” button. Once published you are live but you can still go back and edit. Once you have saved it as a draft you can leave it , you can always come back to it. Watch Full Screen.


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youtube full screen button
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This post covers how to insert an image and a video.  And Categories and Tags

Watch the video Full Screen

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youtube full screen button

– You will access the editor by going to

Here we add detail images media to our post. There is a menu bar, you can hover your mouse over the buttons and it will tell you what they do. Have a play around.

addmediaTo insert an image you go to Add Media, Upload Files, choose image from your computer, add detail and insert into post. that’s it. I’ve put some images on my Flikr site feel free to use them.  Click on the image you want then right click and save as and save it in your pictures folder.

To add a youtube video. GO to the video, click on share, click on embed, copy the code (right click copy), go to your post, top right is “Visual” and “Text”, choose “Text” , choose your position, right click paste. Gwan give it a go bet you have a favourite tune 🙂

(you may have noticed I have switched to which compliments my main site of ) see too web addresses start with http:// This is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol . Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989 and he said he didn’t know why he used two slashes instead of one, lol. You should get in the habit of using it, it makes sure you have a proper link regardless of the platform

sekani and evan
My daughter and boyfriend
  1. image in wp
    Again to add an image – go to the add media button and upload your images from your computer. (save all your images in your folder called “Pictures”) Take some time to work out the size and position on the page. Always read the screen, all of it.This image on the left is on the right hand side of your media page where you manipulate the image.It is good practice to put in alternative text (alt text) If say a blind person is using a screen reader it gets the text of the image. Its good practice. I think its also used by the search engines. I’ll check. Yes it is.

Below is the link to Age Action

Creating a link to another web page to



Categories & Tags in
your main blog post window

Best explained here by WordPress.

For this blog post I have chosen the following categories and tags


Categories and tags are important because they tell the web where they should belong. (Madeline Peyroux is the singer of Careless Love) BTW I put in music videos in this blog mainly for entertainment so you break up your study. Of course you don’t have to watch the music videos I put up but they are fun and I made em 🙂

You can experiment with all the above. Don’t worry about making mistakes you will learn from them. If you have a blog do let me know!

Oh I forgot here is how to insert as header image:

Save your blog post as a draft, use the preview button to view. You don’t have to publish till you are ready…… but don’t be too shy……. 🙂

Heres the video of Madeline Peyroux, watch full screen.

You can play it if you like:

You can leave a comment if you like.



Twenty Sixteen is a good theme and I recommend it. Go to Appearance then Themes and if its not there type in twenty in the search box. All the twenty family will come up.


themes3Now themes are important its the way your blog looks. The great thing is you can try as many as you like, chop and change, you can preview them first, activate if you like but start off with something fairly clean and simple. We want your content to shine. All the twentys are good. When you finish with this undergraduate stuff (joke) you’ll be ready to join The Big People on the post graduate course 🙂 with your own domain.

Thats all you need to know at the moment…..easy innit :).

OK you have read it once go back and read it again and have a go. From start to finish it took me a week to set up this blog.

Coming Next – Widgets