About Me

Hi, this is me, male and 67 years old. I have two degrees a B.Sc. (Hons) in Psychology and an MA in social work. I spent ten years going around the world largely overland. I started computing in the 1980s and in 1994 started my own computing company. In 1998 I became an ISP offering wireless Internet to my local community in Tullamore. We survived the dot com crash but confidence in the Internet fell and we no longer could obtain funding. By 2006 we were broke and closed down.

The next couple of years were hard, depression (I’m bipolar), liver failure leading to diabetes. I was not well and ended up hospitalised for several months. Starting again I decided to recreate my “Web Empire” and over the months registered 80 generic top level domains (gTLDs). I also had a massive advertising campaign for registering domains and offering computer internet training. This was not successful but I persevered. Then unfortunately I got cancer and lost everything. I was out of action for a couple of years but now I’m back.

Sitting Windows

One of my hobbies is creating animations. I have used Second Life, an online world, as a platform for them. My YouTube channel has had about 60k hits altogether, I have published 83 books on line, lol not written by me but put online at Scribd the YouTube of written work. I put up a library online you can see it here. You can download them or read them online.

It just shows what you can do. 🙂