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Little death

I’ve come close to death three times. Once when I caught hepatitis from a dirty needle. Second when I was bitten by a rabid dog in India and third when I contracted lung cancer.

Well there was a time when I was eight and on the verge of meningitis. I awoke in the morning and started coughing up blood, lots of it. The doctor was called and I can remember him examining me and then calling my mother over to the window. I can see them now, the doctor talking in hushed tones and shaking his head. Oh dear I’m going to die I thought to myself. They came over to me my mother was ashen. The doctor looked at me and noticed blood on my pillow and asked about it. Oh I had a heavy nosebleed in the night. Sigh of relief was palpable. It turned out I had had a massive nose bleed and swallowed all the blood! So I don’t count that as a near death experiece.

The first time I nearly died was when I was 22 I shared a needle (injecting for the last time – ever) with a friend and eight of us caught hepatitis and had to be hospitalised. I was not going to Neasden Isolation Hospital in London so I dragged myself to my friend’s house In Clydach Vale, Tony Pandy, Rhondda Valley, South Wales. I was very ill. I was slowly dying. I don’t know how I did it but I made it to a local GP and he sent me home with some pills. They didn’t work and I wasn’t getting better. I went back and he saw the true state of me. He admitted me that day to a wonderful hospital high up in the valleys. I was there for three weeks and was treated like a king. I recovered.

The second time was when I was bitten by a rabid dog. About twenty of us were attending a meditation course in Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh, India. It was quite isolated. It was 1976 i think. It was an old colonial hill station and we had rented a lovely house on a hill top. We had a pet dog that started acting strangely and had already bitten six of us, breaking skin. When I saw he had chewed his metal bowl to pieces, well something was seriously wrong. I was in charge of him. Two idiots decided the poor chained up dog needed a walk OMG anyway when I heard I ran to them and the dog was going mad on his chain. I rescued them and in doing so I was bitten.

Six of us were bitten and if he was truly rabid we needed to know. So took him to a local doctor who said yes he was rabid and had to be put down, our cherished pet. So we didn’t accept it, the doctor was a bit daft, so we needed a second opinion. The only hospital was at a not too far away university hospital. We all piled into a taxi for the three hour journey and tied the dog wrapped in blankets to the roof rack. We headed down the mountain. There was a landslide earlier and the road was blocked so we had to return home. In the two days that followed we read up on rabies. It was fatal and you shook yourself to death. It was one of the worst ways to die. We had no choice we had to find out if the dog was rabid so we set off again and told the taxi driver he had to get us through. The landslide had been partially levelled and we managed to bump across. We made it to the university hospital, the dog died on the way.

At the autopsy they confirmed he was rabid. We went to a restaurant and we discussed what we should do. We were very scared. We talked about the anti-rabies injections 14 daily through the stomach wall. There were known side effects, one of them was permanent blindness. We were into day six of the first bite and the minimum incubation period for rabies was ten days. We decided we would have the injections. We returned home and went to the doctors. Yes he could inject us but he only had serum for a few days. He didn’t have enough. We needed more and the nearest place was Shimla a 12 hour train trip away. Armed with a letter from the doctor (he would phone them too) I and a friend headed off.

The journey was relatively uneventful except we had to keep the small crate of serum cold. In the hot parts of our journey we bought ice to cool it.

We were going to have the injections as a group so no one had started, it was now day 9 of the first bite. From what I remember one was over ten but we didn’t talk about that. The injections were horrible. About an inch of fluid straight into the stomach wall. They left lumps of fluid that lasted days. So every day we all trooped down the mountain, got our shots and trooped back. Not fun and this would last for two weeks. This was 1976 in a remote part of India.

Well we all survived OK except me. On the 12th injection I collapsed and they took me up the mountain on a donkey. They called the doctor and he came up to the house to give me my 13th injection. You had to do the course. That night I nearly died. I developed a fever and my temperature went up to 107 and my friends were coming in to say goodbye to me. I had two angels looking after me Kitty Subho an English Thai monk and a wonderful lady who we thought had recently become enlightened. I remember the delirium well. It was a bit out of body, very spacey and voices shouted from a distance. I was going to die but I had no fear just an acceptance.

In the wee hours of the morning the fever broke and I woke up yellow. I had hepatitis again. Think my liver just couldn’t handle the serum. I was ill for about three weeks but what a beautiful spot to be ill in.

Four years ago during a routine hospital check-up the doctor told me they had found a little spot on my lung. After tests it was found to be cancerous. I researched lung cancer and my prognosis was not good. I prepared to die. It wasn’t so bad, I had led a very full life. I achieved an ethereal state of acceptance and said goodbye to the world. This state stayed with me. It became semi-permanent and was a bit difficult to get out of.

After further tests, going up to St James in Dublin they decided they would operate immediately. The consultant surgeon would contact me the next week. It ended up three months later and all this time the cancer was growing. But I stayed calm and did what had to be done. If the operation was successful I would still not get the all clear they were going to take out my left lung. So be it. I was admitted to St James and had the operation two days later. I can remember the prep room and getting an injection then waking up don’t know when in the post op ward. There was good news they only had to take out a lobe. I have a scar running down most of my back where they went in. My mood, that of acceptance, continued.

My oncologist in Tullamore said the cancer may have spread to my lymph and I needed chemo. So I wasn’t clear. Four months later they decide that that was it. Chemo was not fun. I was in remission. Got another year to go to be out of the woods. After 5 years you are considered cured.

Dying holds no fear for me. The mental state that of having done with the world, persisted for a year afterwards. I found it difficult to “come back” . I’m back now but have grown from my experiences. In this day and age longevity is not uncommon and I might look for another twenty years. Well we will see. Whatever the future holds for me I feel I am prepared for it.

I have a WordPress blog so I am immortal. Below is one of my favourite tunes: Gov’t Mule “ Soulshine. I think I let my soul shine and lived better for it.

Please comment and would love to hear your stories  I am sure you have them. A free Cream Tea voucher for the best comment.

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In this blog we will learn how to set up a wordpress blog that is entirely free. It will take about 30 mins.  It costs nothing except some of your time. Go through the first post without doing anything then read it again. It is not difficult, read slowly and take it in. Then have a go. There are 4 posts, the first sets up a wordpress blog (this one), the second is your first post where you learn how to put in a picture and video and the third as you surf the web gives you some knowledge and knowledge is power! The fourth is for themes and changing them. There is a Quick Start here, 4 videos.

Mouse tips: hold the left mouse button down and drag it over the text, this highlights it. Then right click on it and copy. Go to where you want the text and right click and paste. Try it now to this text!

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Hi there,

There are approximately over 150 million blogs on the Internet with 1.3 million blog posts per day. Btw if you don’t have a computer you can use the library.  Clearly people have got something to say. I started this blog for older citizens because there is a treasure trove of experience that should be tapped.

All links that you click on eventually open into new tabs so this page will stay open.

For some retirement can be a lonely time bringing with it isolation. A blog can bring people together; those with like minds and similar experiences. It can also be a moan at the state we are in in the 21st century! 😆 It can be about anything from a holiday you took 50 years ago to what your cat did this morning. Really anything you like.

me and mercilla 1965
me and Marcella 1965 Spain

And a picture is worth a thousand words. Here’s a tip: If you have a photograph album use your phone camera to take a picture of them this will convert them into digital format and upload them to your computer from your phone!me and mum This is me and Mum 67 years ago!!

Setting up a blog is easy, all you need is an email address and access to the Internet (ha ha yes you are reading this lol). It is easy and takes about 5 minutes. AND IT’S FREE! Yes there is no need to spend any money at all! WordPress has many features some cost but there is no need for them . The blog was set up completely free.

How to set up a WordPress blog

Think of a name for your blog. This can be you may have to be imaginative if your name has gone perhaps use your middle name as well or an initial. You may have a nickname you can use. Given so many blogs it may take some work. Just keep typing  in till you find a combination that doesn’t exist, you have to have ending in the title. You can use a short phrase like as long as it makes sense. Be imaginative. Notice when I write the blog address I use capital letters to make it more readable? This is fine, web browsers ignore capital letters and treats them as lower case. Watch the video full screen.

youtube full screen button
youtube full screen button

In the video you see the “new and improved” menu system which I don’t like. I use the dashboard. Read on….

Once you find a combination that doesn’t exist go ahead and register it. Take it slow and get it right the first time. You may make a mistake BUT its not the end of the world go back to and start again BUT better get it right the first time. You might need a second email address for a second blog. Let me know in the Contacts page and I’ll send full instructions.


If you want an email adress at let me know

Once you have been blogging for a while and have a feel for it you may want to change to a different name. I have about 10 covering different aspects of my online life.( First wordpress blog 2009 ). Go through the registration procedure until you are done.

Familiarise yourself with the menu on the left. Save your draft as you go (on the right) so you don’t inadvertently  delete something but this will happen it happens to us all so try and get into the routine of saving.

The Dashboard (Main Editor)

Your dashboard where you add posts, edit them change themes etc is:

is your route into the editor . So the admin for this blog is and there is my login to the editor.  Login asks for username that was set up when you started or your email address. It will then ask for your password. Set a memorable difficult one. Include numbers and one odd character like !* say at the end. If you forget it you can change it by “lost password” and they will email you with a link to make a new one. I’m always forgetting mine.


WordPress has set up a “new and improved” menu system. I don’t like it its not as good as the main editor, the dashboard.  /wp-admin will take you to the main editor.

Below is a screenshot of the  of the dashboard. You do everything from there and in my tutorials I will be using the dashboard.


Experiment with the menu items, mostly you can undo or change what you have done. All blogs have a theme you can read about them in a later post. The free 2016 theme I am running here is Twenty Sixteen. Its a great theme and even looks good on a mobile.You can use it when you are ready. Its free. download it and “Add New” in your Appearance/Themes page. If you can’t find it.

Mum at the table with her daughter
Mum “Guess what dear? I’ve got a blog”
Daughter: “Nooo, really? Whats it called?”
Mum: “”
Daughter: Oh I’ll look it up when I get home”
Mum: “You can look it up on your phone”

And why not? This blog looks great on a modern phone.

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Please use the comment feature or use the contact page to comment or ask for help. It will be great to hear from you. You also can follow the blog and be notified of next posts. You can Skype me too, Philip Finlay Bryan Tullamore. I set up skype a long long time ago in “Search” look for dude.starship

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The next post will be “My First Post”

Have a look if you feel like it. which will be a global resource is in progress)

Remember from little acorns mighty oaks do grow. Lets get planting!

and just to finish off a rare ole tune from the man himself Shane McGowan.

My First Post

draftAs you work in the editor you can save your post as a draft and preview it all before you publish it: Tip: Everytime you make a change hit the “Draft” button. Once published you are live but you can still go back and edit. Once you have saved it as a draft you can leave it , you can always come back to it. Watch Full Screen.


youtube full screen button
youtube full screen button
screenshot All Posts
Screenshot of All Posts inc. Drafts


This post covers how to insert an image and a video.  And Categories and Tags

Watch the video Full Screen

youtube full screen button
youtube full screen button

– You will access the editor by going to

Here we add detail images media to our post. There is a menu bar, you can hover your mouse over the buttons and it will tell you what they do. Have a play around.

addmediaTo insert an image you go to Add Media, Upload Files, choose image from your computer, add detail and insert into post. that’s it. I’ve put some images on my Flikr site feel free to use them.  Click on the image you want then right click and save as and save it in your pictures folder.

To add a youtube video. GO to the video, click on share, click on embed, copy the code (right click copy), go to your post, top right is “Visual” and “Text”, choose “Text” , choose your position, right click paste. Gwan give it a go bet you have a favourite tune 🙂

(you may have noticed I have switched to which compliments my main site of ) see too web addresses start with http:// This is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol . Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1989 and he said he didn’t know why he used two slashes instead of one, lol. You should get in the habit of using it, it makes sure you have a proper link regardless of the platform

sekani and evan
My daughter and boyfriend
  1. image in wp
    Again to add an image – go to the add media button and upload your images from your computer. (save all your images in your folder called “Pictures”) Take some time to work out the size and position on the page. Always read the screen, all of it.This image on the left is on the right hand side of your media page where you manipulate the image.It is good practice to put in alternative text (alt text) If say a blind person is using a screen reader it gets the text of the image. Its good practice. I think its also used by the search engines. I’ll check. Yes it is.

Below is the link to Age Action

Creating a link to another web page to



Categories & Tags in
your main blog post window

Best explained here by WordPress.

For this blog post I have chosen the following categories and tags


Categories and tags are important because they tell the web where they should belong. (Madeline Peyroux is the singer of Careless Love) BTW I put in music videos in this blog mainly for entertainment so you break up your study. Of course you don’t have to watch the music videos I put up but they are fun and I made em 🙂

You can experiment with all the above. Don’t worry about making mistakes you will learn from them. If you have a blog do let me know!

Oh I forgot here is how to insert as header image:

Save your blog post as a draft, use the preview button to view. You don’t have to publish till you are ready…… but don’t be too shy……. 🙂

Heres the video of Madeline Peyroux, watch full screen.

You can play it if you like:

You can leave a comment if you like.

As You Surf The Web

This is how you wow your friends at dinner parties….

As you surf the web- (Reposted from you will reach a place where no pages exist. This is called an 404 Error . While out surfing somewhere can’t remember where,  I reached this splendid 404 Error


….can I get a hug? So sad……Next time you get a 404 Error  maybe, just maybe, think of the server!

Now you know what a web server does, it serves web pages, you need also to know about Domain Name Servers or DNS.

Domain Name Servers (DNS) are the Internet’s equivalent of a phone book. They maintain a directory of domain names and translate them to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

This is necessary because, although domain names are easy for people to remember, computers or machines, access websites based on IP addresses.

Information from all the domain name servers across the Internet are gathered together and housed at the Central Registry. Host companies and Internet Service Providers interact with the Central Registry on a regular schedule to get updated DNS information.

When you type in a web address, e.g., , your Internet Service Provider views the DNS associated with the domain name, translates it into a machine friendly IP address (for example is the IP for and directs your Internet connection to the correct website.

After you register a new domain name or when you update the DNS servers on your domain name, it usually takes about 12-36 hours for the domain name servers world-wide to be updated and able to access the information. This 36-hour period is referred to as propagation.

Well yes mine are done immediately even if I have to tell a tech to kick start it which i frequently have to. I do it via chat.  I run my own web server through HostGator an excellent company been with them for oooo ages years. I also have my own DNS Domain Name Servers. I have two, ones for back up.

It literally takes minutes to set up a new domain.

Phew it made me sweat: Watch Full Screen.

As you may have guessed I like the blues. I blog about them in snippets and I usually make videos to blues music. However its not all video I take the odd still shot.If you want access to stunning art work join Here’s a picture I created its on my deviantart site: is very good too

If you want to create graphics yourself a very good program that I use as my main image editor is Microsoft Expression Design and its available as a free download link ed from my Useful Program page here its so much better than paint. There is also a video to get you started. There are tutorials but just simple stuff like putting text on a picture its very cool. Worth learning though it takes some effort. But be brave you wouldn’t have got here now if you weren’t secretly as tough as old boots.

So : A web server serves web pages; name servers (dns) are a phone book that translates names into numbers; http:// is hyper text transfer protocol that precedes every web page.

If you want to see an example of a blog post  here is probably the best blog post I ever created IMHO  its called:

The O2, Niel Young and Father’s Day 2009

Tell me what you think


Twenty Sixteen is a good theme and I recommend it. Go to Appearance then Themes and if its not there type in twenty in the search box. All the twenty family will come up.


themes3Now themes are important its the way your blog looks. The great thing is you can try as many as you like, chop and change, you can preview them first, activate if you like but start off with something fairly clean and simple. We want your content to shine. All the twentys are good. When you finish with this undergraduate stuff (joke) you’ll be ready to join The Big People on the post graduate course 🙂 with your own domain.

Thats all you need to know at the moment…..easy innit :).

OK you have read it once go back and read it again and have a go. From start to finish it took me a week to set up this blog.

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